House of solidarity

Forest house photo

The House of Solidarity is an independent social organisation in South Tyrol for more than 20 years and has helped over 1,500 people. It supports people in emergency situations, offers them accommodation and accompanies them in their everyday lives, helps them to find accommodation and work or organises language courses and vocational qualification measures. Different cultures, generations and religions live together peacefully at the House of Solidarity. The house is also a creative laboratory for ideas and supports people and groups who deal with the topics of social justice, development, the environment, peace, integration of marginalised groups, cultural work and intercultural exchange. In recognition of its work, the House of Solidarity has received many prestigious awards. The running costs for the work of the house have so far been covered without public contributions. The House of Solidarity is financed solely by rental income, its own activities and donations.

Housing for today. Hope for tomorrow.

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