House of solidarity

Forest house photo

Since 2002, the HoS has been helping 150 people in distress per year. Senior citizens, children and youths with difficult family situations, adults who have come into conflict with the criminal justice system, ex-cons, homeless persons and the unemployed, the mentally ill, addicts, migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers,—all find a helping hand and/or a place to stay, sometimes through students and people who wish to help others, at the HoS. The HoS is also the home of ecological and social organizations. At present, the "Organization for a Caring World" (oew) and the co-op "oikocredit," and soon, also the youth organization "Afzack" – will be located there.

Up until now, the HoS has received no public funds to cover the running costs for the many aspects of its work. The House finances itself exclusively through income from its rentals, its own activities, and donations.

In 2008 and 2011, it was awarded the Cultura Socialis Prize for its work. In 2013, together with the Comboni Missionaries, it received the Bishop Josef Gargitter Prize.

More about the HoS:

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