benno barth

The  benno barth award is a work and study grant for art projects that consciously and actively address social topics, experiment with various models and forms of expression in this field and promote critical awareness.

Socially engaged art today takes place both within and outside the traditional art system. Artists are often border crossers between disciplines and operate in the most diverse fields of activity. They observe, research and thematize social developments and processes and develop visions of a future society. Socially engaged art projects open up new worlds, sensitize for cultural diversity, both in autonomous forms and collaborative concepts and strategies.  

The benno barth award sees itself as a contribution to the promotion of artistic and creative engagement with a changing society and is a cooperation project of the benno barth foundation and the social cooperative Haus der Solidarität (HdS) in Brixen.  

The funding program supports artistic projects, interventions, productions, research and travel. The benno barth award wants to do justice to the processual nature of contemporary art and also sees itself as start-up financing to bring artistic projects to fruition or to get them off the ground. The selection of the prizewinners is made by a jury consisting of members of the benno barth foundation, the HdS and external art experts.

The benno barth award was first announced in 2016 and is awarded periodically.

Call for benno barth award 2021

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