benno barth

The third edition of the benno barth award 2021 was announced in January 2021.

A total of 33 applications were submitted within the deadline of 30.03.2021.
In the meeting on 17.04.2021 the jury decided to support two applications with a total amount of Euro 15,000.

Award winners

Greta Mentzel
& Heinz Mader


Project Free Transit (2021-2022), an artistic research on the traces of the oriental Mud-Dauber-wasp, which successfully migrated from Pakistan/North India to Europe, a genus of solitary wasp characterised by the use of mud by the female for particular structures and the autonomous breeding of larvae. The material collected serves as a starting point for the production of a film and a model of possible life forms.

Leander Schwazer

(Prati/Vipiteno, I; Esslingen,D)

Project Inventur (2021-2022)
Living Pictures, since the Renaissance a desideratum for every Painter and Sculptor are understood by Leander Schwazer in a very literal way. Microorganisms are brought to nest in heavy canvases, where, as living pictures on the wall ask for our attention and care. Their colouring will indicate their wellbeing.

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