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During his lifetime, Benno Barth came up with the idea of establishing a foundation. He lived alone and had no children. His final wish was to transfer his property, assets and the resulting revenue to a foundation established for the common good.

One of the aims of the foundation is to support the needy in the immediate vicinity of Brixen, without regard to race, origin or religion, and that this support should be „as anonymous as possible and preferably benefit those who hardly receive any help.“ (Benno Barth)

A further purpose of the Foundation is the promotion of contemporary young artists in South Tyrol, both in the production of works and in the financing of trips, all n accordane with the statutes and the relevant legal provisions contained therein.

The 'Benno Barth Foundation KDS' was established on 19.12.2007. The foundation is located in the basement of Stadelgasse 12. The archives and library of the founder are kept here.

The members of the 2016 foundation committee are Filippa Barth (President), Ivo Barth, Anna Barth, BrigitteGasser, Alexander Nitz, Marion Piffer Damiani. The supervisory board comprisesRichard Burchia, Josef Prader and Peter Winkler.

Benno Barth


Freeman house example
Freeman house example

Benno Barth was born on 7th May in Brixen. He studied civil engineering in Vienna and started working as a freelance planner in Brixen in 1992. He taught at the Academy for Design and, after the Academy for Design closed, at the Faculty for Design and Art of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. His main interests lay in form and composition – from the smallest everyday object to sports stadiums, and, in this context, also national heritage protection, contemporary art and literature, mainly poetry. In his own active, critical and sensitive manner, he got involved in current issues regarding urban planning as well as sociopolitical discussions. Benno Barth died on 11th May 2007 after a serious illness.

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